Curriculum Vitae
Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Communication Science at University of Erfurt (2010) with stay abroad at Södertörn University, Stockholm (Sweden). Master of Arts (2014) in Political Science at University Göttingen. Studies were accompanied with student assistance at the deans office for eduction and at the Chair for the Political System of Germany, Prof. Dr. Christoph Hönnige, at the University of Göttingen, including the work in the project »Voice without Vote«, funded by the Fritz Thyssen foundation, and the project »The German Federal Constitutional Court as a veto player« funded by the DFG. Master Thesis in the latter on the interaction of courts in Germany. Since April 2014 research associate at the Chair for Comparative Politics and Political Economy, Prof. Dr. Andreas Busch.

Teaching since Summer 2014

Informations about a supervision for bachelor thesis (appointment via StudIP/eCampus)

Research Interests

  • Theories of the Policy Process
  • Policy field analysis (telecommunication-, media-, cultur-, science- and copyright policy in Germany)
  • Regulation of markets


  • Magna charta, magna controversia. Politische Ideen und Interessen in den Urheberrechtsreformen für eine digitale Gesellschaft (i.E.). In Netzpolitik, Hrsg. Andreas Busch, Yana Breindl und Tobias Jakobi. Wiesbaden: Springer.
  • Internet Policy and German Copyright Regulation. A Subsystem Perspective to Assess Changes in Interest Group Dynamics and Policy-Making (2018). In Managing Democracy in the Digital Age, 53–74. Springer.


  • Juli 2017 International Conference on Public Policy, Singapur, Panel Interest Groups and Political Parties. Paper: “The imponderability of forging compromises”
  • April 2017 ECPR Joint Sessions, Nottingham (UK), Workshop on Causal Configurations. Paper: “Theoretical Deduction of Causal Configurations and Process Tracing Tests on Germany Copyright Policy“
  • Juli 2016 "Internet policy, subsystem dynamics and the legacy of German copyright regulation", ECPR Graduate Student Conference, Tartu, Estland
  • February 2016 "Ministerialbürokratien in den Theorien des politischen Prozesses", Annual meeting of Forum of Young Research of the state and the bureaucracy, Hannover
  • November 2015 "Theoretical pieces for a mechanism ... ", U4 Cluster Conference Social Sciences, Economics and Law, Groningen
  • November 2014 "Der Konflikt um das Urheberrecht für eine digitale Welt - der Einfluss von Rechtsexperten", Conference "Politisches Handeln in digitalen Öffentlichkeiten", Göttingen
  • November 2013 "Das Bundesverfassungsgericht und der Datenschutz". Presentation for position at Fraunhofer-Institut, Karlsruhe (Top 4)