We have reserved a contingent of rooms for two nights (May 29-31, 2015) in various hotels, and the guest houses of the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry (MPI-bpc) and the MPI for Experimental Medicine (MPI-em). Below you can find information on how you can find suitable accommodation and how to book it:

Göttingen Tourist Information
The Göttingen tourist information has reserved a hotel contingent for us, which can be explored at:
At this link you will find detailed information about the hotels and can book directly online. If the hotel you wish to book is not available, please call the tourist information on +49 (0)551 49980-20 or send an e-mail to (please quote "15th Anniversary"). They will try their best to help you.

Hotel Beckmann
The hotel is located in Nikolausberg close to the MPI-bpc campus and has a good bus connection to the train station. Single rooms cost between 35 € and 55 € depending on whether you have a private or shared shower. Double rooms range from 65 € to 85 €. If you are interested, please call the hotel on 0049 (0)551 209 080 or send an e-mail to: (please quote "15th Anniversary"). The rooms will be available for booking until April 15, 2015.

Guest house of the MPI-bpc
We have reserved 2 single rooms (32 € + 7 € for breakfast) and 2 double rooms (45 € + 7 € for breakfast). If you wish to book a room, please contact the Molecular Biology Office on: 0049 (0)551 39 12111 or send an e-mail to:

Guest house of the MPI-em
We have reserved 3 single rooms (30 € no breakfast). This reservation is valid until March 25. If you are interested, please contact us directly (until March 25) by e-mail. We will then make the reservation for you.

And remember: first come, first served!