Research Seminar

The research seminar takes place on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. in the seminar room of
Humboldtallee 3 (room 0.104).

Date Presenter Title Moderation
25.10.23 Name Available Name
01.11.23 Name Available Name
08.11.23 Name Available Name
15.11.23 8:30! Vanda Calhau Fernandes Inacio De Carvalho / Miguel de Carvalho Density regression via Dirichlet process mixtures of normal structured additive regression models / Bayesian smoothing for time-varying extremal dependence Name
22.11.23 Johannes Brachem Leveraging Transformation Models to Create Distribution-Free Bayesian Additive Models for Location and Scale Alexandra Daub
29.11.23 Lasse Trienens Revisiting Uribe (2022) through a fiscal lens: State-dependent (neo-)Fisher effects under changing household beliefs in sustainable public debt to GDP (with H. Herwartz) Matthias Herp
06.12.23 Name Available Name
13.12.23 Lars Knieper Gradient boosting for generalised additive mixed models Isea Cieply
20.12.23 Name Available Name
10.01.24 Alejandro Alvarez Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation in L2-norm using artificial data Lars Knieper
17.01.24 Joaquin Cavieres Efficient estimation for a smoothing thin plate spline in a two-dimensional space Jens Lichter
24.01.24 Gianmarco Callegher Stochastic Variational Inference for Structured Additive Distributional Regression Quentin Seifert
31.01.24 Colin Griesbach Statistical Boosting for Mixtures of Additive Distributional Regressions Jonathan Henrich
07.02.24 Malte Becker Health Care for the Homeless: Evidence from Mobile Street Clinics in Brazil Sophie Potts