This document contains many technical FAQs and answers. You can use this information if you have problems with FlexNow.

Why don’t the “Back/Reload” buttons in my browser work properly?

This is a technical issue. Please only use the FlexNow navigation buttons (e.g. the red “OK “ or blue “Back” buttons).

Why do I keep getting the message “Wrong password” when I’m sure I’ve input the password correctly?

Do you have Caps Lock on (this can happen by mistake)? As FlexNow only shows asterisks when you input your password, it is easy not to notice that Caps Lock is on. Although FlexNow does not distinguish between upper and lower case for the password, if the password contains numbers, a “4” may become an “$”, etc.

When are the exam grades posted in FlexNow?

Grades are input by the Departments. The examination office and the FlexNow system administrators have no influence on this procedure. The only thing to do is to wait – or ask the examiner. Once the grades are released you will automatically receive an e-mail.

I am no longer able to register/cancel my registration for a specific exam. Why not?

Registering/cancelling registration for exams can only take place during the set periods. No note will be taken of anything that takes place outside these periods. The specific periods can be requested from the Statistics portal under “Exam dates”. If your examination is missing from the list, this means that it has not yet been released. In this case please contact your lecturers.

I tried to print out a summary of my academic attainments in FlexNow. Why isn’t it working?

It is only possible to compile a summary of academic attainments for Bachelor/Master degree courses and law degrees, not for Diplom and Magister degrees.

If you do not find a “Data sheet” link after your subject in the summary of academic attainments, please contact the examination office. They will make up a summary of academic attainments (with a seal) if you need one for job applications, etc.

How do you use a TAN?

Once you have successfully input a transaction number (TAN) in FlexNow, the TAN is void in FlexNow as soon as confirmation is displayed. Synchronisation with other systems (e.g. chipcard self-service functions) usually takes a few minutes, for technical reasons. After this, the TAN is void in all systems and cannot be used any more.

Can I use a TAN to register for several examinations?

Yes, you can register for several examinations with one TAN (within one transaction). To do this, simply mark the required examinations and “sign” with a TAN.