Miet Metal-Induced Energy Transfer - MIET

We offer a fully developed Matlab program. The software enables users to generate MIET images from fluorescence lifetime data. Please check the manual before you download and start using the software.

csdism Confocal Spinning Disk Image Scanning Microcopy - CSDISM

We offer a Plugin for ImageJ. The software enables users to produce higher resolution images with their standard confocal spinning disk setup. Please read the installation manual and download the plugin.

Dead time correction Dead time correction for TCSPC measurements

We have developed a Matlab toolbox for correcting for dead-time effects in Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC) measurements done with state-of-the art measurement electronics which records continuous steams of photon detection events in an asynchronous mode (for example, HydraHarp electronics from PicoQuant, Berlin, Germany). The toolbox contains also a routine for modeling and fitting auto-correlation curves measured under continuous-wave constant-intensity illumination, which can be used to precisely determine both electronics and detector dead-time values of a single-photon counting measurement system. A short description of the routines and one example file are also included. The stable version of the toolbox can be downloaded as a zip-file. To get the latest version, you can clone the git repository from our project page.