Interaction of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) progenies with the soil fungal microbiome

Duration of the project: 2014 - 2017

Contact: Silke Ammerschubert, Email: sammers(at)

Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is a keystone species in Central European forests and has a wide ecological range. Beech roots form symbioses with different ectomycorrhizal fungi, but we have little knowledge on the intraspecific variation of mycorrhizal fungi and that of other root-associated microbial communities. To investigate the field performance, nitrogen acquisition and microbial colonization of different beech progenies within and outside their original growth area, a Beech Transplantation Experiment (BTE) was installed in the Exploratories ( The Exploratories host 50 experimental plots in three regions across a geographic gradient in Germany. The BTE is a collaboration of 9 different working groups from 5 Universities.

This sub-project investigates the diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities associated with the different beech progenies. Our research questions:

  • Are there intraspecific differences in the field performance of the progenies from beech populations of the three Exploratories?

  • Do beech progenies from different populations affect different microbial communities?

  • Do microbe and environment x beech interactions in the mycorrhizosphere influence beech N supply via changes in the root transcriptome?

To test these hypotheses, progenies from each of the three Exploratories were out-planted in each Exploratory. To study N acquisition, stable isotope labelling was conducted. The fungal communities are investigated by metagenomic methods (MiSeq).

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The work has been funded by the DFG Priority Program 1374 "Infrastructure-Biodiversity-Exploratories" (PO 362/18-2).