Ten Reasons to Study With Us

STUDIUM_Studiengründe What makes studying English in Göttingen so attractive? Why should students decide to come here, if nearly every other university also offers a BA programme on English Studies? Here's ten reasons to choose English at Göttingen - and anyone thinking about studying with us is very welcome to visit us and attend courses to see that we really are as attractive as we say!

  • All our courses are held in English.
  • English can be combined with a very large number of highly attractive other subjects that suit nearly every interest.
  • We have a sizeable departmental library of our own where students can even request that books be purchased for their research projects.
  • Göttingen University Library has a special collection of publications on all aspects of English and North American literature and culture - there's books aplenty to read and use!
  • If you are interested in the Middle Ages (or hobbits), we offer you courses on medieval English as a discipline of its own - very few universities in the north of Germany can boast of that.
  • Göttingen University is one of only three universities in Lower Saxony where English for Vocational Schools is offered.
  • We have students from all over the world - interculturality is not only a subject we teach!
  • Our Students Representatives are very active and regularly organise parties for students and staff, but also offer events on timetabling, introducing the University or going abroad for all students.
  • Göttingen is a beautiful mid-sized city: you only need a bike to get around - and it is a really good place to study!
  • Göttingen is right in the centre of Germany: whether you travel by car or by train, you'll get to your destination in next to no time.

So: Study English at Göttingen!