Prof. em. Dr. Günter Schmahl, 1936 - 2018

Schmahl_2016Prof. Dr. Günter Schmahl, founder and head of the Institute for X-Ray Physics until his retirement in 2002, has died in Göttingen on Tuesday, August 14th. As pioneer of x-ray microscopy, he created a new research area, which he shaped significantly with his work. The method he had developed for the fabrication of Fresnel zone plates as x-ray lenses, as well as the conception of the Göttingen x-ray microscopes have been reproduced world-wide, and have a fruitful impact on numerous fields of applications. For the support of a large number of students, for his tireless commitment to our institute, and for his groundbreaking contributions to x-ray optics, x-ray microscopy and to the research with synchrotron radiation, we will always be grateful.

Short CV

Günter Schmahl (born in 1936 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany) was the founder of the Institut für Röntgenphysik and pioneer of x-ray microscopy. The main focus of his research was in the development of full-field x-ray microscopy with soft x-rays.

Prof. em. Dr. Schmahl was the director of the Institut für Röntgenphysik until his retirement in 2002.

Honors and Awards
1985: Niedersachsenpreis (Wissenschaftspreis)
1992: Röntgen-Plakette der Stadt Remscheid
1995: Röntgenpreis der Fachgruppe Physik und Kristallographie der Universitat Würzburg
Since 1996: Mitglied der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen
2005: Compton Award der Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois (USA) (together with Janos Kirz)

Publications since 1995