Masterarbeiten in 2013

Albrecht, Catharina: Inventory and morphological age diagnosis in a middle ages skeletal series from Lübeck

Augustin, Dana: An investigation of the correlation between ancient DNA quantity and the quality of a genetic fingerprint

Bals, Jennifer Anne: Molecular genetic detection of Yersinia pestis and Bacillus anthracis in bone material from a medieval skeletal series from Lübeck

Breitung, Maren: Morphological and genetic analyses of the entomological remains of the excavation from the first catholic graveyard in Göttingen

Feicke, Maria: Inventory and morphological sexing in a medieval skeletal series from Lübeck

Holzgraefe, Maren: Genetic examination of morphologically assigned skeletal elements from an early modern mass grave in Kassel, Hesse

Krause, Ina: Reconstruction of the Iris Pigmentation from Individuals of a Bronze Age Archaeological Site

Peters, Mirjam: X-linked Hydrocephalus caused by mutations in L1CAM - a molecular analysis of historical individuals

Quosigk, Elisabeth: Typing of y-chromosomal markers from isolated long bones to determine the regional origin of individuals from an early modern mass grave in Kassel, Hesse

Remin, Stephan: Evaluation of morphognostic and morphometric methods for sex determination by molecular genetical analysis at a series of historic skulls

Schröder, Johanna: Detection of different pathogens relevant in the context of historical typhoid fever from the early modern skeletal series of Kassel, Hesse

Schücker, Katharina: Analysis of hair pigmentation of human remains from Bronze Age

Theiß, Katharina: Evaluation of anthropological methods to determine basic biological data from fragmentary skeletal remains

Zeidler, Steffen: Inventory and histological examination in a medieval skeletal series from Lübeck

Ziegler, Kim-Laura: A systematic study to reveal the possible effect of X-ray exposure on DNA preserved in archaeological specimens