Science for Ukraine - Student helper positions for Forestry/Ecology students

FlagWe wish to support Ukrainian Master/Bachelor students in the broad field of forestry/ecology whose lives and studies were disrupted by the recent invasion and ongoing war in the country. If you are considering leaving Ukraine or have already done so, wish to pursue your field of study and find a safe place to stay, we are glad to hear from you and welcome you in Göttingen. More information can be found here.

Cooperation offers - associated PhD students

Ideas for own projects within the RTG 2300 framework are always welcome. In case of interest please contact the scientific coordinator Serena Müller.

Apart from the regular PhD positions offered every 3 year, (prospective) PhD students working on related topics are invited to apply as associate doctoral researchers of the RTG 2300. Associated members will not be employed in the RTG, but they can benefit from the facilities and funds (e.g. travel and some research funds) of EnriCo. The acceptance and supervision of associate members is subject to the same criteria and requirements as for doctoral researchers employed by the RTG.

There are numerous options for external funding. Especially foreign (non-German) nationalities are encouraged to check the DAAD website for scholarships and funding.

Bachelor and Master Theses in the context of the RTG

To assist our PhD students with their fieldwork or analysis, to conduct small own research projects in the context of the RTG is a great opportunity to get insights into a bigger research project and to make extensive experiences with field and laboratory work, data acquisition and management, programming and data analysis, and complation of papers and reports in a professional setting. These involvment with scientific work is complemented by an invitation to attend the RTG's guest lecture series and to participate in other qualification events.

If you are interested to write your Bachelor or Master Thesis on a topic related to the RTG, please contact one of our principal investigators or talk to one of our current PhD students or our postdoctoral researcher first.

A list of Bachelor and Master's thesis completed can be found here.

M.Sc. thesis in SP3 on nutrient use efficiency in mixed stands, start in SoSe 2022

The thesis will investigate base cation use efficiency of European beech, Douglas fir and Norway spruce in pure and mixed stands in Lower Saxony. The work includes the processing of existing samples of soil and stem wood and chemical analyses to determine their Ca content. The master student will study hypotheses regarding (2) the Ca-use efficiency of tree species and/or (2) the Ca budgeting in the studied forest ecosystem. The work can be tailored to specific interests of the student and will adapt to developments in the subproject 3. The requirements are an interest in biogeochemistry and forest ecology, high level of responsibility and commitment to good scientific practice and a motivation to learn new methods and work independently. The thesis work should start in summer semester 2022 and be finished by early 2023. Please feel free to contact for more information.

Bachelor thesis and position of a student helper in SP4 on "The effect of tree species identity on the resource exchange through mycorrhizal connection"nutrient use efficiency in mixed stands, start in SoSe 2022

Mycorrhiza1 BA thesis: this project will allow to explore and study several interesting topics in plant physiology, for example the effect of intra- and interspecific competition on tree growth and/or photosynthesis, neighbour effect on tree phenology, mycorrhizal colonization and nutrient content, etc... Starting time can be discussed, and can vary according to the preferred topics.
Pot-experiment1 Student Helper position: the student will participate in the most important experimental phase of the project when the plants are labeled and then harvested, to measure the isotopic signature in the different plant compartments (roots, shoot, leaves). The contract is planned to cover 60h/month (from mid-July until end of August 2022). More information can be found here.