Jing-Zhong Lu (Logos)

I was born in Hefei in 1992. While studying biology at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) as a bachelor student, I was encouraged by E.O. Wilson’s books and decided to join a master program in ecology at Bremen University. Next, I was lucky to join the animal ecology group at University of Göttingen and conducted my doctoral studies under the supervision of S. Scheu.

I am interested in the diversity and functional roles of soil decomposers. During my doctoral studies, I investigated environmental drivers of soil decomposer communities under the framework of RTG. Many quantitative methods such as phospholipid fatty acids, stable isotopes analyses were used to better understand the linkages between forest types and decomposer communities (microorganisms, springtails, and oribatid mites).

PhD Research Project

Decomposer communities and decomposition processes

PhD Thesis

On 12 July 2021, I successfully defended my doctoral thesis entitled “Community structure and guild patterns of soil decomposers in pure and mixed forests of European beech, Norway spruce and Douglas fir”. Since July 2021, I hold a postdoc position funded by an RTG start-up fund and am working on energy flux in soil food webs to synthesize data of soil meso- and macrofauna.



GFÖ Annual Meeting, Münster, 2019. The impact of planting Douglas-fir in Central Europe on microbial biomass and community structure (oral)

Acarology Colloquium, Bremen, 2019. Changes in oribatid mite community in response to conversion from pure to mixed forests in Central Europe (oral)

Mesofauna Meeting, Bremen, 2016. Species-specific effects of Collembola on the biomass and dispersal of soil algae (oral)