Events for students and PhD researchers

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We would like to highlight some events especially relevant for students and young scholars:

>>> Thursday, 13.09., 3.00 PM Workshop Inter- and Transdisciplinarity in Action. Voices from humanities, natural sciences and technology (Open Forum 24)
This workshop focusses on practical experiences with inter/transdisciplinarity. We would like to invite all workshop participants to bring an object to the session that illustrates or symbolizes your specific experiences (i.e. picture, cartoon, meme, things of everyday life, toy, text, but also concepts, figures, a movement or a gesture). To facilitate our planning, we also kindly ask you to register to our workshop:
Our aim is to stimulate a discussion about practical experiences with inter- and transdisciplinarity under varying conditions (aims, disciplinary background, problems, etc.); for details refer to our abstract;

>>> Thursday, 13.09., 5.00 PM: Feminist Publishing Workshop: Transforming a PhD into a Published Book. With Maria do Mar Pereira & Sara de Jong (please note the new date and time!)

In this workshop, Dr. Maria do Mar Pereira and Dr. Sara de Jong share their experiences of converting their PhD theses into monographs published by international publishers. They reflect on how to find and approach a suitable publisher, how to write a successful book proposal, and the changes that one needs to make in the style and content of a PhD to create a publishable book. The workshop will provide ample space for questions and discussion about the joys and struggles of writing a feminist academic book. This workshop is open to PhD students and Early Career Researchers.

>>> Friday, 14.09., 3.00 PM: ATGENDER Workshop Discussion: Situation of Early Career Researchers in Gender Studies. With Orsolya Lehotai, Stefanie C Boulila, Edyta Just, Katarina Loncarevic & Sibel Yardimci.

In 2017 ATGENDER conducted a survey into the situation of Early Career Researchers in European Gender/Feminist Studies. This workshop discussion aims to present the result to a wider audience and discuss possible measures that ATGENDER could take in order to support Early Career Researchers. The workshop will be facilitated by ATGENDER's Early Career Researchers Working Group.

>>> Friday, 14.09., 3.00 PM: Workshop: How to make a difference in workplaces and institutions using Intersectional Feminist Studies knowledges? With Nina Lykke.

The workshop will create an arena for joint reflection and discussion of the ways in which intersectional feminist theory and practice can be used as creative skills in professional contexts. Many feminist academics who, as students, have taken courses in Feminist Studies, and/or perhaps written dissertations as well as shorter essays, based on feminist theory, reflect on the question if and how the skills and knowledges from Feminist Studies can be used in the workplaces where they are to be employed after graduation. Often this question is considered to be an individual problem – a question of individual careers, or individual resistance to careers within neoliberal Academia. The workshop will take a point of departure in a lecture on possibilities for transformatory feminist work in academic workplaces and institutions, based on longstanding experience from direction of PhD and master programmes in intersectional feminist studies, among others within the framework of the international research schools NorsGender (2004-2009) and InterGender (2008- ), as well as participation in European PhD curriculum development within the framework of Athena/AtGender. Following the lecture, participants will be encouraged to share experiences and reflections through creative writing exercizes. The workshop will also encourage cross-institutional network building and reflection to trace and unleash potentials in terms of making a difference in workplaces and institutions. Particpants are asked to bring a photo (or other kind of visual material), showing/symbolizing a workplace where they either work now, or would like to work in the future. But, please note, you are most welcome, even if you do not have such a photo/visual available!

--- We look forward to seeing you there!