Müller, Michael, Prof. Dr.

  • 1996 Dr. rer. nat. (Biology) University of Düsseldorf
  • 1996-1997 Postdoc (Laboratory of W. R. Schlue, Düsseldorf)
  • 1997-1999 Postdoc (Laboratory of G.G. Somjen, Duke University, Durham, USA)
  • 2000-2001 Postdoc (Laboratory of K. Ballanyi, Göttingen)
  • 2001-2003 Postdoc (Laboratory of D.W. Richter/ S.L. Mironov, Göttingen)
  • 2004-2010 Junior Professor of Molecular Neurophysiology and Group Leader
  • since 2010 apl. Professor and tenured position

Major Research Interests

Two-photon microscopy and high resolution imaging, subcellular imaging of redox dynamics, neuronal network dysfunction in Rett syndrome, mitochondrial dysfunction and organelle crosstalk, mechanisms of cerebral ischemia and spreading depression, (sub)cellular generation and signaling function of reactive oxygen species, responses of central neurons and glial cells to metabolic disturbances, modulation of neuronal networks by redox changes.

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Selected Recent Publications

  • Weller J., Kizina K.M., Can K., Bao G., Müller M. (2014). Response properties of the genetically-encoded optical H2O2 sensor HyPer. Free Rad. Biol. Med. 76: 227-241
  • Janc O.A., Müller M. (2014). The free radical scavenger Trolox dampens neuronal hyperexcitability, reinstates synaptic plasticity, and improves hypoxia tolerance in a mouse model of Rett syndrome. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 8: 56
  • Großer E., Hirt U., Janc O.A., Menzfeld C., Fischer M., Kempkes B., Vogelgesang S., Manzke T.U., Opitz L., Salinas-Riester G., Müller M. (2012). Oxidative burden and mitochondrial dysfunction in a mouse model of Rett syndrome. Neurobiol. Dis. 48: 102-114
  • Funke F., Gerich F.J., Müller M. (2011). Dynamic, semi-quantitative imaging of intracellular ROS levels and redox-status in rat hippocampal neurons. Neuroimage 54: 2590-2602
  • Foster, K.A., Galeffi, F., Gerich, F.J., Turner, D.A., Müller, M. (2006) Optical and pharmacological tools to investigate the role of mitochondria during oxidative stress and neurodegeneration. Prog. Neurobiol. 79: 136-171