Top-level Research in Lower Saxony: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Project “The Making and Unmaking of the Religious”

The interdisciplinary collaborative research project “The Making and Unmaking of the Religious” approaches discursive, institutional, and material processes and practices that generate and transform the boundaries and interior structures of the religious in a historically well-founded and cross-cultural way.

It combines research perspectives from various disciplines of the faculties of the humanities, social sciences, theology and law and the partner institutions at the Göttingen Campus. Besides religious studies it includes mainly the disciplines of Arabic and Islamic studies, English language and literature, Egyptology and Coptic studies, German language and literature, history, history of arts and music, classical archeology and philology, modern Indian studies, sinology, pedagogics, political science, social and cultural anthropology, sociology of religion, theology and law.

The funding substantially helps to enhance the interlinking of disciplines and participating institutions, the international visibility of religious studies at the Göttingen Campus, and to strengthen the competitive chances of the project for a successful application within the framework of the Excellence strategy.

Completed Individual Research Projects