Childcare services for students

To be able to concentrate fully on ones studies, a high quality childcare is essential. The university offers you – besides your regular childcare – different flexible, free of charge as well as financial subsidies for childcare provisions.

At the university, the Studentenwerk organizes the regular childcare (meaning the childcare at your nursery or kindergarten). There are 280 day-care places for students in six different day-care-centres. You can apply here for a place at the day-care-centres of the Studentenwerk. You may also enrol with any other day-care-facility in town besides the Studentenwerk. The city of Göttingen provides an overview of all day-care-facilities in town.

Studying on Saturdays (with free of charge childcare)
The university supports students with children by providing a free of charge childcare in the Learning and Study Building every Saturday. The Kindertagespflege e.V. is providing childcare in the playroom for up to six children, while you can study next door.

Childcare in emergencies and besides the regular childcare hours is a free of charge service, universities students and employees may use. To make use of this measure, you need to register in advance with the Kindertagespflege e.V. They will help you find a qualified babysitter you can hire in emergencies and besides your regular day-care opening hours.

Holiday childcare by the Hochschulsport
The Hochschulsport provides yearlong childcare for pupils during school holidays, your children may attempt at reduced costs. If you have troubles financing this service, the FamiliyService can subsidize every hour your child attends this form of childcare with 2€ via the program “subsidies for flexible childcare”.

Subsidies for flexible childcare
The university subsidizes costs occurring due to childcare besides your regular day-care opening hours. These costs include childminders needed in case you are waiting for an available place at the kindergarten, a babysitter you hire to take care of your children beside the regular opening hours of your day-care-centre and during the school holidays.

Contacts beside the FamilyService:


Please register your child after its birth. Most day-care places are assigned at the beginning of the KiTa-year in august. Most KiTas will decide on their placements in February. The town of Göttingen has an “application-timespan” from November to December for their day-care-centres. Many other day-care centres followed this process. Therefore most KiTas host an open house day in November. Further information are provided here.

Yes. Since childcare is funded locally and you can claim childcare with your local authorities, as soon as your child is 1 year old, places in day-care are only provided for children living in the city area. If you live outside of Göttingen, you can claim the provision of child-care with your municipality.

You can apply for childcare benefits, in case you are in need of childcare beyond regular childcare provided by the day-care centres. This might be costs for childminders, babysitters for evening lectures or weekend-lectures, further costs due to your KiTa’s holidays and closing times or a higher demand for childcare during internships or intense studying periods of time.

All students (including the UMG’s students) enrolled at the Georg-August-University can apply for these subsidies – regardless of their financial background. The application process does not include a test of your needs. Doctoral candidates cannot apply for these subsidies, because they are funded via the University Quality Funds (SQM).

Childcare is organized and funded by your local municipality. In Göttingen, the parental-fees for childcare are staggered by income. You can find more information on this here. Next to the fees for childcare, the day-care-centres charge a fee for food. Depending on your income you are charged between 20€ and 85€ per months.

Since August 2018 parents have to pay no fees for a place in kindergarten. That means you are only charged with the costs for food and if necessary a fee for childcare beyond 8 hours a day.

Well. The Kindertagespflege Göttingen e.V.’S commission fee for finding a childminder is taken on by the university. The fees for childcare you are paying to the municipality are nearly identical to the income-based staggered parental-fees. Many childminders are charging an hourly fee, which can be subsidised by the university.