Studying With a Child at the Faculty of Social Science

Travel allowance for students with parental responsibilities

Are you a parent and would like to do a stay abroad with your child(ren)?
The Faculty of Social Sciences provides financial support for a stay abroad with children. The aim of this is to improve the compatibility of studies and parenthood as well as to promote the mobility of students with parental responsibilities.
The travel allowance can be requested for any travel-, child care-, or accommodation-related costs incurring through the accompanying children of the parent students during a stay abroad.
In case of interest, questions, or application please contact the Equal Opportunities Office of the Social Science Department.

Support for the compatibility of studies/work with parenthood
In an effort to improve the compatibility of parenthood and studies / academic qualifications, students and young academics with at least one child are to receive a special incentive to finish their thesis, dissertation, or doctorate at the Faculty of Social Sciences. For this, eligible students will receive a two-month financial support of 350 Euro per month.

Eligible applicants are those that:

  • write their thesis within a (part) study program of the Social Science Faculty, or are being supervised by a member of the Social Science Faculty
  • have been accepted for writing their thesis
  • care for an underage child (under 16 years old) to a considerable extent
  • demonstrate a notable need