Thursday, 13.09.2018

Swimming for trans- and inter people and friends

The open swimming hour specifically addresses all trans and inter people who like to swim and enjoy leisure time without the common obstacles in public swimming areas. Also all people who tend to avoid public swimming areas because of body shaming, e. g. scars or body shape are welcome at the swimming.

The pool area as well as the changing rooms will be opened exclusively for trans and inter people and their friends. All areas will be void of gendered markers and body-related rules. Thus, everyone is welcome to participate regardless of their (current) body shape or preferred swimming clothes.

All participating persons agree to a non-staring, non-commenting policy concerning bodies or clothing matters. This environment is all about feeling safe, respecting each other’s boundaries, and minding one’s own respectful behaviour.

Deep water pool! The ability to swim is mandatory.


The term “trans” describes all people that do not or just sometimes identify with their assigned gender at birth. For example, transgender people, transsexual people, genderqueer
and non-binary people as well as cross-dressers and so-called transvestites are included. Thus, people who identify as trans have very different experiences, backgrounds, and body expressions.


The term “inter” describes the experience to have been born with a body that does not adhere to or show the binary makeup of male/man or female/woman. This regularly leads to discrimination and human rights violations, for example non-consensual gender altering surgeries. “Inter” is not a third gender because the realities of people born with a variation of gendered markers are diverse. Importantly, inter people can, like all other people, have a female, male, trans or non-binary gender identity.


Friends are all people who tend to avoid public swimming areas because of body shaming, e. g. scars or body shape. Friends are also cis-gendered people who are specifically invited to the event by their trans or/ and inter peers.

Time: 08:15 – 09:45 pm
Fee: 2,50,- € (for EFRC participants)
Address: University Sports Centre, Swimming area, Gutenbergstr. 60, 37075 Göttingen
Bus: Take bus 42 direction “Papenberg” until busstop „Sprangerweg“ Or use the VSN App


Né Fink //

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"Major!" - Movie night

8 pm
Location: Movie theater Lumiere (Geismar Landstraße 19, 37083 Göttingen)

"MAJOR!" (2015) tells the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a Black trans activist. Miss Major is a veteran of the Stonewall Riots and a survivor of Attika State Prison, a former sex worker and human rights activist. Since the 1960s Miss Major has been engaged in political struggles in the field of civil rights, justice and equality for Lesbian and Gay, Bi and Transgender. At the center of her activism is the fight for Black and People of Color trans women, the fight against police violence and the brutality of the imprisonment of trans women in prisons for men. The film addresses questions about the prison industry complex, police violence and violations of civil rights. The film encourages critical reflection about one's own privileges and social structures in general.

“MAJOR!" has been shown at over 60 film festivals around the world and has received 19 awards for the best documentary.

The film is in English with German subtitles.

Price: 7€ (regular), 6€ (reduced)

Book presentation "Die potente Frau" with Mithu Sanyal and Svenja Flaßpöhler

9 pm
Location: Old Town Hall, Rathaushalle

Svenja Flaßpöhler (executive editor of 'Philosophie Magazin') presents her book "Die potente Frau" (Ullstein 2018) in an interview with Mithu Sanyal (cultural scientist).

An event of the Literary Centre Göttingen.
The book presentation will be held in German.

Price: 7€ (reduced), 9€ (advance booking) // 8€ (reduced) / 10€ (box office). Students with a cultural ticket are free at the box office. Please buy your tickets here.