Field scale experimental facilities

  • Soil and alluvial aquifer test site Stegemühle, Göttingen

- 1”, 2”, 6” fully screened monitoring wells, partly arranged as high resolution well spots
- Multichannel tubing multilevel wells
- Water level data loggers
- Meteorological station
- Power supply


  • Solid rock test site University of Göttingen North Campus

- 5 pumping and monitoring wells, 3 “ , 80 m, multilevel design, arranged as a 5-spot
- Wells equipped with 27 PT1000 temperature probes each
- Wells equipped with high resolution fiber-optical DTS system
- Well equipped with a hybrid DTS cable for heat dissipation into the ground
- Data loggers, wireless data transmission
- Water supply
- Power supply

Solid rock test site Uni GÖ North Campus