Courses of upcoming semesters

Winter 20/21 Summer 21 Winter 21/22 Summer 22
Macroeconomics I x
Macroeconomics II x
Introduction to International Economic Relations x x x x
Monetary Theory and Monetary Politics x x
Seminar on Monetary Economics* (S, E) x x
The Economics of the European Monetary Union* (V,E)x x
International Financial Markets x x
International Financial Markets* (S, E) x
Financial Econometrics (E) x
Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy* (S, E) x x
Monetary Economics* (S, E) x x
Seminar in Financial Econometrics* (S,E)
Time-series Analysis by State-Space Methods. Classical and Bayesian Approaches* (E) x
S: seminar, otherwise lecture with practice; E: englisch; *: block course; V: is expected to take place