Please note that the list reflects the current state of planned lectures and that there is no entitlement for the seminars and lectures to be held. Furthermore, only courses that are taught in English are listed here. The full list of courses offered can be found on the German version of this homepage.

Courses at the Chair of Econometrics

MasterLecture-Nr Type of Course Summer 22Winter 22/23 Summer 23 Winter 23/24 English
Econometrics I800040 L/P
Econometrics II800279 block course
Introduction to Time Series Analysis 800066 L/P
Python for Econometrics 801400 block course
Multivariate Time Series Analysis 800929 block course

Courses at the Chair of Statistics

MasterLecture-Nr Type of Course Summer 22Winter 22/23Summer 23 Winter 23/24 English
Generalized Regression800117 L/P
Practical Statistical Training440724 Practical Partly
Current Topics in Applied Statistics990400 Seminar
Deep Learning Algorithmen 990457 Seminar ? Partly
Advanced Statistical Inference
(Likelihood & Bayes)
Advanced Statistical Programming
with R
801050 L
Introduction to Statistical
800895 L
Additional statistical courses are offered by the Chair of Spatial Data Science and Statistical Learning.