German Language Classes

Although it may be possible to communicate in English within the academic context of the university environment, it can be helpful in daily life to have some basic knowledge of German. Being able to communicate in German will help you get the most out of living here. It is certainly worthwhile to take an intensive language course upon arrival in Germany.

Besides learning German in your home country, you can learn German at the University of Göttingen, Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation (IIK), the Goethe-Institut, the Volkshochschule or private institutes.

Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache

  • about 70 different german courses
  • all in all 1.400 places in courses from A1 to C2
  • during the semester
  • free of charge

Institut für interkulturelle Kommunikation (IIK)

  • intensive courses from A1 to C1 (5 hours a day from Monday till Friday in the morning or afternoon)
  • preparation courses for the summer and winter semester as well as one summer course (1 month)
  • preparation courses for the TestDaF examination

Migrationszentrum Göttingen

  • German courses from A1 to B2
  • From January-June or July-December (3 times per week)

Tandem Göttingen

  • intensive courses (daily)
  • evening courses twice a week
  • small groups/ one-to-one lessons
  • preparation courses for the TestDaF examination
  • TestDaF examination

Volkshochschule Göttingen (VHS)

  • courses in the morning and evening (A1-C1)
  • intensive summer courses
  • pronunciation-, writing-, and speech training
  • approved german examination
  • 10% discount for students/study applicants

Goethe-Institut Göttingen

  • Intensive courses A1-C2 (15 days, 80 hours, Monday til Friday in the morning or in the afternoon)
  • Evening courses (twice a week)
  • Preperational courses for exams
  • Individual practice
  • Spontanious starting dates possible
  • Goethe-certificate / Exam and certificate on the same day
  • TestDaF preperation and exam


  • Intensive courses (A1-C1: 8 weeks)
  • Crash courses in preparation for the DSH
  • Individual tuition (upon request)

German Circle-Flyer

  • free of charge meeting in a small group to practice german
  • prior knowledge of the language
  • other offers of the city library: grammar books, dictionaries and other materials

Deutsch für Ärzte

  • individual or in small groups
  • German courses for dentistry and medicine