Leading with ease and confidence

Successfully leading a team is an art that can be learned. Among other things, it requires leaders to be highly aware of their different roles as leaders and the
respective skills needed to fulfil these roles. Leaders also need to know what kind of leadership style is asked for in a certain situation and which leadership style they prefer over others. Since communication is at the heart of leadership, leaders also need to be clear and efficient communicators – especially in critical situations.

This two-day workshop is meant to equip young female scientists with tools that support them in leading with more ease and confidence. Participants will reflect on their personal vision of leadership, the role models that have coined their beliefs about leadership as well as the values that guide their leadership behaviour. Furthermore, the workshop will introduce the model of “situational leadership” and its implications for everyday leadership. Participants will also reflect on the influence of their own personality on preferences for certain leadership styles and identify areas of growth and development. Role plays and theoretical input will provide the opportunity for participants to enhance their communication skills with a focus on leading difficult conversations.

Coach and trainer: Dr. Kerstin Mauth’s coaching and facilitation are based on certified training in systemic consultation as well as twelve years of experience in staff development, career and leadership coaching, and science management. Since her PhD in 2002 at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Nijmegen, NL) she has worked with scientists from all career stages both as coach and trainer as well as a staff development specialist at the University of Göttingen and other universities. She thus has an intimate knowledge of the personal, institutional and organizational challenges that academics face with regard to career planning as well as to collaborative and leadership issues.