Additional information regarding insurance coverage

Please note that private health insurance in particular will generally not cover the medical expenses of pregnancy, including prenatal care, childbirth and aftercare, if the calculated start of pregnancy is before the date the contract of health insurance was finalised (signed).

Additional insurance to cover pregnancy expenses can be very expensive or possibly not be provided.

Health insurance companies in Germany define a chronic illness as one that has existed a long time prior to insurance coverage in Germany, and is unlikely or impossible to be cured.

In case of chronic illness, it is very important to fully inform your private insurance provider about it before you sign your insurance contract, as part of the health check. Otherwise, the insurance company can refuse to pay related costs, increase the insurance premium and/or even cancel the insurance contract.

Existing chronic illnesses have no impact on being accepted to statutory health insurance programs.

Emotional distress is not something we 'have to deal with alone’ and mental illness requires treatment and support. It is not always easy to distinguish between the two. In case of doubt, it is recommended that you seek professional help promptly.

Depending on urgency and need, there are various service providers that you can visit. Below you will find a brief explanation of the terms used, as well as information on the costs.

Psychosocial counselling centres and social psychiatric services include counselling services for, family issues, women's issues, and topics related to education, life or addiction issues. Social psychiatric institutions are easily accessible services for short-term crises and problems. They include:

Psychological psychotherapists are licensed psychologists who have completed additional training as psychotherapists. They are able to identify psychological disorders through targeted conversations and treat them using various methods and therapy approaches (e.g. behavioural therapy, deep psychological or analytical psychotherapy).

This therapy is covered under statutory health insurance. Whether these costs are also covered by private health providers depends on the insurance contract. It is advisable to consult the health insurance company before starting therapy to ensure that the costs are covered.

Medical psychotherapists are licensed physicians with psychotherapeutic or psychiatric specialist training or additional training in psychotherapy. In contrast to psychological psychotherapists, they address physical and biological causes of illness and can also prescribe medication.

Treatment is covered by statutory health insurance. Whether the costs incurred are also covered by private health insurance depends on the insurance contract. It is advisable to consult the health insurance company before starting treatment and to ensure that the costs are covered.

In addition to licensed doctors and psychotherapists, psychotherapists offer their services according to the Heilpraktikergesetz. As a rule, they have not completed any medical or psychological studies, but have completed further training as alternative practitioners.

The training and examination curricula are not legally defined, so that they differ considerably in quality and scope. Due to a lack of standards and quality assurance mechanisms, careful examination of qualifications and expertise is recommended when choosing a non-medical practitioner.

Psychotherapists who work according to the Heilpraktikergesetz are not allowed to treat severe mental illnesses. They are obliged to refer patients suffering from such illnesses to licensed doctors or psychological psychotherapists.

Psychotherapists who work according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (Heilpraktikergesetz - Heilpraktiker Act) usually offer help and advice concerning life crises, marriage or relationship problems or questions about personal or professional development (coaching).

Psychotherapists who work according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (Heilpraktikergesetz - Heilpraktiker Act) cannot bill their services to the statutory health insurance. The treatment must be paid for by the patient directly. Some private health insurance companies cover the costs; this also depends on the insurance contract and requires clarification with the health insurance company.


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