Serious Games and Intercultural Learning

Let's Play? Seriously!

Why good e-learning needs teachers was answered in many different ways at the e-teaching conference "Teaching in New Ways?" at the University of Göttingen on 10 November 2015. Alexandra Schreiber presented there how intercultural competence can be promoted with serious computer games.

Serious Games and Intercultural Learning

In the workshop "Serious Games" we work on 3 afternoons on the development of concepts and analog prototypes for Serious Games and Intercultural Communication. This workshop is particularly suitable for students of all disciplines with an interest in games, including digital and mobile, and the expansion of intercultural skills.
Reflection on what has been learned and acquisition of 4 credits for key competencies through Portfolio examination. The next course will take place in the spring semester of 2020 and will be taught in English.
An application for the module can be made in Stud.IP.


SumMit Interactive Tablet Game
SumMit is an interactive tablet game for several participants, which we developed over two semesters in cooperation with the University of Harz/Werningerode, study course Media Informatics and Applied Games. After completing the theoretical and first test phase in the fall semester 2016/17, we continued the project with further runs and programming in the spring semester 2017 and thus also participated in the Games for Change Migration Challenge. Alexandra Schreiber and Dominik Wilhelm published the article "Interactive Serious Games: Communication and Play to Promote Intercultural Competence" in the journal Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung in 2017.