The Departmental Library

The Departmental library is housed in several rooms on two levels and in two different wings of the Jacob-Grimm-Haus. The main entrance is through at basement level. The main reading room (upper level) can be reached only through this entrance. A lift connects lower- and upper-level rooms to enable access also for handicapped visitors (please ask the front-desk assistant for the key).

Upper-level Library Rooms

Towards Käte-Hamburger-Weg, on the upper levels of the library, a room hosts StudIT computer workspaces; next to it, a separatate room with workspaces is located where students can work in a more secluded atmosphere. The main reading room contains the shelfmarks R Realia; L General Secondary Literature; TN Modern English Literature; Z Journals; Can Canadian Literature; TAM North American Literature; and other minor shelfmark groups. If you wish to call up the rooms in the accessibility map of Göttingen University, you will find the main reading room in 0.304, the separate workspaces room in 0.305 and the StudIT computers in room 0.306.

Lower-level Library Rooms

At the lower-level the library has a reading room and library rooms with the shelfmarks TA and TM Old English and Middle English texts; W World Literature; SP Linguistics; and Wö Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. The library's short-loan textbook collection is also housed here; parts of it are in the reading room, others in the cabinets along the hallway. If you wish to call up the rooms in the accessibility map of Göttingen University, the catalogue room through which you can reach the Medieval Studies and Linguistics sections is -1.275; Medieval Studies books are housed in -1.274 while the Linguistics section is in -1.276. The lower-level reading room has the number -1.262.