Internship in the B.Sc. course Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology

The internship in the bachelor's program should enable the students to gain insight into all areas of activity of a forestry company. Practical skills are acquired through daily work and an understanding of the tasks, possibilities and restrictions of such companies is developed.


The duration of the internship is three months. As a rule, this internship is completed in the fifth semester from September to November. The examination is based on an internship certificate from the internship company and the writing of an internship report. Further information and regulations are contained in the internship regulations (Annex III of the examination regulations).


Training places for the internship can be:

  • Forestry operations of all types of forest ownership, which are managed by a person with a forestry college or university degree, and which ensure a varied training of the interns as part of the constantly arising operational tasks,
  • forest management associations and service companies that organize and implement the entire range of forest management measures or
  • other companies in which the goals of the internship can be achieved.
  • The internship must be completed at a company. It can be carried out at home or abroad.


The examination performance includes proof from the training body of the duration of the internship and the main activities carried out. It is recommended to use the proof according to the model in the internship regulations (Appendix 2 of Appendix III of the examination regulations). An internship report with a cover sheet, description of the company and a report on your experiences, kept by the intern over the entire internship period, serves as further evidence. This report is ungraded. You will be informed accordingly about further details on the internship certificate and report.


If you would like to do your internship in a German state forest administration, you can find the forest administrations of the federal states on the Internet site: As a rule, the local forestry offices are the right contact persons.
You can find other possible internship companies, e.g. on the website of the German Forestry Council.
If you are unsure about the choice of internship company, please contact the internship officer of the faculty.
Since the internship mainly takes place in the forest/forest district and you also take on tasks independently, a car is essential. If you don't have your own, borrow one from friends or relatives or complete the internship with a fellow student with a car in double pack. Without a car it will be very difficult to do an internship in a forestry company.

Depending on whether you are also used for timber harvesting in the company, you will also need protective equipment for this work consisting of a helmet with face and ear protection, safety shoes, cut protection trousers and gloves. Some companies provide suitable equipment. If this is not the case, please clarify with your internship company what exactly you need. The state forest administrations usually provide a subsidy towards the acquisition costs. However, the protective clothing must comply with certain safety standards!
In many cases, the internship company requires a doctor's health certificate that confirms the general health suitability. A corresponding form can be found here.
Since the internship is part of your studies, your student health insurance coverage will remain in effect during this time. For accident insurance purposes, it is important to conclude an internship contract. In this way, you, as a company employee, are insured via the internship company.
Please also check how you have liability insurance (i.e. who pays for damage to third parties during the internship). You are either insured through the internship company or - if this is not possible - please take out your own liability insurance.
Depending on the arrangement, an expense allowance may be paid for the internship. In the past, interns in some municipal or private forest companies and in forest offices in Lower Saxony received such financial compensation. Please find out in good time whether this option is available in your internship company.
Interns are not entitled to the statutory minimum wage if they do an internship as part of their studies.
No, that is not intended. The internship is about, after an induction period, going deeper into the business process and taking on smaller projects independently and on your own responsibility. This is only possible if you work in the company for a longer period of time. Exceptions are only possible under certain circumstances (e.g. prolonged absence due to illness, termination of the internship).
No. During the internship, you should apply the specialist knowledge you have already acquired from your studies in practice. That is why the 5th semester was selected as the internship period - by then you will already have completed a large part of your studies and acquired the relevant knowledge. Only students who have successfully completed training as foresters can be exempted from the internship.
We strongly recommend that you complete the internship in a forestry company, especially if you later want to do the candidate service or traineeship and work in forest management. Internships in national parks, nature conservation, environmental education, the timber industry or similar may also be possible - please discuss this with the internship coordinator in good time before the internship begins!
No, that is not possible, because you should gain practical experience in forestry during the internship. You can complete internships in scientific institutions either as a voluntary additional internship or later in the master's degree as an elective module.
In the 3rd semester (November/December) there will be an information event on the organization of the internship. Students in their 3rd semester will be invited directly. All questions about the internship will be answered there.