A1 Climate change and the livelihoods of poor households

SP A1 analyzes the effects of climate change on food systems with a particular focus on the livelihoods of poor farm and non-farm households in developing countries. Rising mean temperatures and frequent weather extremes affect agricultural output, livestock and fisheries, and can thus also influence household incomes, food security, and nutrition. We will combine household-level data from various countries in Africa and Asia with climate data and predictions to analyze already-observed and expected future effects of climate change on different population groups. Possible adaptation strategies – such as adopting climate-smart agricultural technologies – and their effects will also be evaluated. Econometric models and other statistical techniques will be developed and used.

Possible dissertation topics:

  • Effects of climate change on food security in developing countries: Analyses with micro data
  • Adoption and impact of climate-smart technologies in smallholder farm households
  • Climate change effects on poverty and food security under different adaptation trajectories

  • Principal investigators/supervisors:

    Matin Qaim
    Sebastian Vollmer

    Doctoral researcher of the first cohort:

    Leonard Krapf