B3 Effects of globalization on food consumption and nutrition (Kis-Katos)

SP B3 analyses the effects of globalization on food consumption and nutrition. Trade and foreign direct investment influence not only food availability, but also the dietary choices of consumers. We will combine household data from selected developing or emerging economies with policy information, geospatial data and information on policy changes. We will link dietary and nutrition changes to the regional diffusion of food imports based on localized customs transaction data. We will use administrative data on regional FDI flows or will collect data on the spatial diffusion of domestic and foreign food retail chains. Quasi-experimental methods of econometrics will be combined with methods of geo-spatial data processing.

Possible dissertation topics:

  • Liberalizing food trade: Effects on people’s dietary patterns and nutrition outcomes
  • Foreign direct investment and the nutrition transition: Identifying causal effects
  • Who is most affected by globalization-induced food systems transformations? Analysing within-household heterogeneities

  • Leading PI:
    Krisztina Kis-Katos

    Doctoral researcher of the first cohort:
    Wisnu Harto Adiwijoyo