B4 Food environments and the triple burden of malnutrition

SP B4 uses a micro-level perspective to analyze associations between food environments, dietary patterns, and different forms of malnutrition (calorie and nutrient deficiencies, overweight/obesity). Changing food environments through the modernization of the retail sector, the growing role of food away from home, and other mega-trends can significantly affect nutrition and health in positive and negative ways. A better understanding of the conditions that lead to positive outcomes would help in designing suitable food and regulatory policies. We will use primary and secondary data from developing countries and high-income countries to analyze the role of food environments for sustainable nutrition. Econometric models and other statistical techniques will be developed and used.

Possible dissertation topics:

  • Changing food environments and sustainable nutrition: Cross-country comparisons
  • The role of modern food retailers for healthy diets and nutrition in Africa
  • Modern and traditional food retailers and the cost of healthy and sustainable diets

  • Leading PI
    Matin Qaim

    Doctoral researcher of the first cohort:
    Vivien Hülsen