Games and Intercultural Learning

At the Intercultural Learning Lab we have a special interest in building intercultural competence through games and play, to create unique and transformative learning experiences.

Using educational and transformative role-playing games, participants can engage in safer learning environments and explore and examine intercultural topics, such as taking perspective and building empathy.

In our courses we work with a range of existing leisure and educational games that address topics for intercultural learning. Outside our courses we develop and playtest game ideas that have the potential to foster building intercultural competence.

Do you like to play? Join us in our workshops and playtesting sessions!


Do you like to play? In this course, you will develop and broaden intercultural competence while engaging in games and play. Examples are educational role-play, board games with topics related to intercultural learning and games for storytelling all have the potential to enhance perspective-taking and building empathy. You will work with tools and practice skills for reflection that can deepen your intercultural learning experience.

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Previous projects

SumMit interactive multiplayer tablet game. Developed as a joint project of students at the Intercultural Learning Lab/University of Goettingen and the department of Game Development, Prof. Dominik Wilhelm, Hochschule Harz. Workshop report published in Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung ZFHE.
SumMit - ein interaktives Spiel zur Förderung interkultureller Kompetenz:

Role-play design for intercultural learning. Transformative Play Initiative Seminar, Department of Game Design, Uppsala University/Sweden.