Forestry Faculty Partnerships

The University of Göttingen as well as the Forestry Department maintain a large number of partnerships. In most cases, partnerships are based on a partnership agreement (Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)), which regulates the type of partnership (student exchange, exchange of teachers, etc.).

You can get an overview of currently existing partnerships in the MoveOn database of the Goettingen International department. There you can select the forestry faculty directly and display all partner universities and exchange opportunities. In the case of direct faculty partnerships, you will also find the contact person there.

MoveOn database of the Göttingen International department


As a rule, there are fixed exchange quotas between the universities. Regular exchange students do not have to pay tuition fees at the partner universities. This applies in particular to the Global Exchange Programme.
A university partnership is based on the mutual exchange of students. Unfortunately, more students from Germany want to go to the above-mentioned countries than vice versa. Therefore, there are very few places and opportunities for exchange in these countries.
In the case of an internship, you can find out more on the Internet and look for vacancies on special pages. We cannot arrange internships ourselves.

In the case of a thesis, it is helpful, among other things, to look at the project partners of individual departments of the forest faculty. There may be existing contacts and ongoing research projects that you can work on.