Raunak Kirti

E-Mail: raunakmandhan93[at]gmail.com

Topic: Forest structure and evapotranspiration in the Western Ghats: effect of climate and land use
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dirk Hölscher

The research aims to understand how climate and land use influence forest structure and forest-atmosphere water exchange across a well-defined rainfall gradient. The study proposes to utilize ground based and space based LiDAR data for assessment of forest vegetation structure across the Western Ghats. The result will support a better understanding of ecosystem structure and functioning and help to adapt land use systems for mitigating climate change. The study outcomes may assist stakeholders and policy makers in decision making related to planning and restoration of benefits derived from tree-based land use and natural forest ecosystems.

2016-2018: Master of Science (Forestry), College of Forestry, Sirsi, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka, India.
2012-2016: Bachelor of Science (Forestry), Faculty of Forestry, Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi, India.