Jose Lorenzo Ferrer


College / University

University of the Philippines Diliman

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology




Lab Experience

Various molecular and cellular biology techniques including gene cloning, transfection via lipofection, mammalian cell culture, cancer hallmark-associated assays including cellular proliferation assay, scratch wound assay, focus formation assay, apoptosis assay, semi-/quantitative RT-PCR, cytochemistry and immunocytochemistry, Western blotting, exosome isolation (including RNA/protein isolation from exosomes), light and fluorescence microscopy, dual-luciferase assay, site-directed mutagenesis by overlap extension PCR, gene splicing by overlap extension PCR, siRNA/shRNA and CRISPR guide RNA design, RNA secondary folding prediction, protein interaction modelling (docking, etc.).

Projects / Research

  • 10/2015 – 08/2016: Science research specialist: Confirmatory and orthogonal assays to eliminate artefactual drug bioactivities. Tumor-released exosomes. Detection and differential sorting of CRNDE and other CRC-associated lncRNAs. Functionalization of CRNDE lncRNA via overexpression and knockdown. Functional characterization of LUCAT1 lncRNA. Functional characterization of novel NRAS mutations
  • 02/2014 – 06/2015: Undergraduate thesis student: Functional Sequelae of CRNDE lncRNA overexpression
  • 04/2013 – 02/2014: Research apprentice

Scholarships / Awards

2016 – 2017: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School


I really just hope to learn more about the very fabric of life and gain a better understanding of cellular and molecular phenomena. Currently, I am interested in learning more about long non-coding RNA, cellular architecture, and exosomes, but to be honest, anything molecular excites me. At the end of the day, I simply aim to make a difference.