Martin Daniel Qui


College / University

University of the Philippines Diliman

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology




Lab Experience

Molecular and cellular biology: nucleic acid/protein extraction (cells/whole tissue), site-directed mutagenesis, PCR/qRT-PCR, transformation, restriction enzyme digestion, Western blot, light and fluorescence microscopy, transient transfection, clonal selection, luciferase/proliferation/migration assays, shRNA design.

Projects / Research

  • 2014 – 2016: Regulatory and functional consequences on tumor suppression of MEG3 SNP variants
  • 2016: Mutational analysis and functional characterization of novel mutations in downstream effectors of the EGFR-signalling pathway among Filipino colorectal cancer patients
  • Scholarships / Awards

    2016 – 2017: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School


    I have recently become interested in the field of developing techniques and strategies for studying complex relationships that occur in biology, particularly those involving the human immune system, cancer and non-coding RNAs. As the scale of experiments being conducted in research now involves large datasets and intricate interaction networks, I hope to learn how to better break these down through the complementary use of breakthrough laboratory techniques and bioinformatics.