Fatemeh Javadi Zarnaghi


College / University

University of Tehran, Dept. of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science

Highest Degree

Master of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Human Genetics




Lab Experience

Acquaintance with basic techniques in molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and genetics

Projects / Research

Analyzing Fibrinogen genes related STRs polymorphism in Iranian population to achieve fast method for prenatal diagnosis and carrier detection

Scholarships / Awards

2008 – 2009: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School
2007 – 2008: National Foundation of Elites stipend, Iran
2003 – 2008: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology Stipend for Exceptional Talents
2003 – 2008: University of Tehran Stipend (for Scientific Olympiad Awardees and high ranking students in national Entrance Exam)


I am particularly interested in the fields of molecular genetics, gene therapy and their applications in the treatment of human diseases. I want to deepen my basic knowledge in Molecular Biology to be able to use it in applied biology in my future scientific research.