Olga Mikhailova


College / University

St. Petersburg State University

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Developmental biology




Lab Experience

Cultivating vertebrate and invertebrate embryos, DNA and RNA extraction, PCR and RT-PCR, gene engineering, producing transgenic mice (DNA injection into the pronuclei)

Projects / Research

  • B. Sc. project: development and body axis formation in free living sea nematodes. Their development seems to be very different from highly determined C. elegans development
  • Master's project: role of GGC-binding protein in murine development; microinjections of cDNA of the GGCBP gene in zygotes of mouse

Scholarships / Awards

1999: Thesis in the "AIDS and Cancer Research conference", St-Petersburg
1999: Thesis in the "St-Petersburg University Young Scientists Conference"


I’m interested in developmental biology. It could be studying patterns of gene expression in early development, or studying some TF and how they work, or genesis of germ cells, anything dealing with growth and development. It would be more interesting to work on mice, as they are more closely related to humans. My major goal is to have my own lab, but who knows ...