Research Building Human Cognition and Behavior

Construction time:

Start: September 2023 with demolition of existing buildings - Finish: End of 2026


The planned new building of the Human Behavior and Cognition Research Center (HuCaB) will develop in an U-shape to the north and east around the existing building at Goßlerstrasse 14, a four-story clinker brick building that houses the Georg-Elias-Mueller-Institute for Psychology. The new building and the existing building together form a ring-shaped building complex. The new building has a main usable area of ​​approx. 3,554 m², a total building area of ​​approx. 7,784 m² and is based on the floor heights of the existing building (GEMI). With the new building and the old building connected at the same height, the levels are connected to each other in a barrier-free way. The laboratory areas (a total of 1,732 m²) are combined in the basement, ground floor and parts of the 1st floor; The office space is located on the 1st floor, 2nd floor and the 3rd floor, which is only realized in the front building.


The façade begins in the area of ​​the main entrance on the west and north facades with a structure of narrow bands, which join together along the north facade to form wide, even parapet bands and lead around the building as uniform light and dark bands. The façades to the inner courtyard and the atrium are planned as floor-to-ceiling glass facades in post-and-beam construction. The HuCaB research building will be integrated into a holistic greening concept, so the outdoor areas facing Heinrich-Düker Weg, the inner courtyard and the forecourt will be replanted after the construction project is completed. On the flat roofs, precipitation water will be retained or delayed by extensive green roofs. Photovoltaic systems are also planned.