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    Master thesis: Culture-independent evaluation of distribution patterns of yellow-green algae (Xanthophyceae)

    We are looking for a highly motivated and independently thinking master’s student who is interested in doing her/his master’s thesis project on freshwater and soil yellow-green algae.

    This position is available in the DFG project “Re-evaluating taxonomy and distribution patterns of the Xanthophyceae (Stramenopiles)” within SPP 1991: Taxon-Omics: New approaches for discovering and naming biodiversity.

    Start: April-May 2019 or later

    Project description:
    Xanthophyceae is a group of mostly microscopic algae, important primary producers in terrestrial as well as freshwater ecosystems and promising for biotechnological exploitation. We assume xanthophytes are more diverse and abundant than recognized until now. With a high-throughput meta-barcoding approach the diversity and distribution patterns across various habitats and geographical regions of Xanthophyceae will be studied on a broader scale. A large number of environmental samples, i.e. from freshwater, soil and other terrestrial habitats will be examined for their taxonomic composition of xanthophyte communities, employing group-targeted amplicon sequencing generated as paired-ends reads on Illumina MiSeq platforms. Because xanthophytes represent an abundant and important group of microorganisms in soil, we aim to correlate distribution patterns of Xanthophyceae species in soils with the physicochemical properties of their soil substrate in order to test for abiotic factors test that may determine xanthophyte community structures in soil. By using samples from rather distant geographical regions, preferences towards certain habitats will be tested independent of geographical distribution.

    Students are eligible to participate in internal workshops and meetings of SPP1991 teams as well as to apply for financial support for such activities.

    To Apply: Please send a CV and a letter of motivation highlighting your lab experience as an e-mail.

    Location: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    Albrecht-von-Haller-Institut der Pflanzenwissenschaften
    Experimentelle Phykologie und Sammlung von Algenkulturen (EPSAG)

    Contact: Dr. Nataliya Rybalka []

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