Samuale Tesfaye Baye


Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow
Visiting Post-Doc from Mekelle University in Ethiopia

Samuale Tesfaye is fascinated by the functioning of the natural environment, in particular by ecohydrological dynamics in catchments. He is a forester and land manager by training.
His PhD studies focused on the climate and ecohydrology of the Tekeze River basin in Ethiopia using a combination of different observed and remote sensing data, statistical and modelling techniques. As a postdoc, he discusses how vegetation dynamics have affected hydro-climatic processes through biogeochemical and biogeophysical mechanisms at different spatiotemporal scales in the Nile River basin. The study involves both high-complexity and idealized modelling approaches with field and remote sensing data.
His primary research areas include ecohydrological dynamics, catchment hydrology and restoration, land and water resource management, assessing the impact of climate and land cover changes, and understanding hydroclimatic extremes.