Reporting sexual harassment and violence

The University strongly encourages you to report incidents of sexual harassment and violence. This applies regardless of whether you have experienced sexual harassment and violence yourself or whether you have witnessed it.

It is up to you to decide where or to whom you report what you have experienced or observed. It is important to be aware that you do not have to follow the standard reporting channels.

Possible reporting lines are in particular:

  • your manager
  • a person responsible for your studies
  • the President of the University
  • an advice service and contact person (in particular, Equal Opportunities Officers)

You can also contact other people or offices, such as the Dean's Office or the Office of the Dean of Studies, programme coordinators, the AStA, your student council or commitee or other people you trust.

A report can be made by yourself directly or anonymously, or by someone else (for instance, colleagues, fellow students, etc).

In addition to these internal reporting options, you can also contact external agencies. These are, for example:

In emergencies, for instance an immediate threat, you should always contact the police directly: Tel: 110

In addition, there are several services and contacts at the University of Göttingen who are there to help.