Package of modules: Theology

Provided by the Faculty of Theology, this package of modules (18 credit points) is designed for students of other faculties. It aims at imparting theological knowledge and skills in those theological disciplines that are highly correlated with their actual courses of studies. The teaching language is German.

In the professionalization area the package of modules is combinable with a variety of other subjects of the two-subject bachelor´s degree programme. E.g., studies of History, History of Arts, Philosophy and Sociology can be complemented by modules of Church History, Orthodox Churches, Christian Cultures in the East, or Systematic Theology. Furthermore, subjects like Ancient Oriental Studies and Greek Philology are perfectly combinable with biblical-exegetical modules.

Various master´s degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities provide the opportunity to enlarge the theological skill and knowledge gained in the bachelor´s degree programme. At this level, the package of modules enables the students to deal scientifically with theological questions, methods and positions and to analyse interrelationships between theology and other sciences.

The package of modules does not aim at a specific profession. However, it offers a certified qualification in scientific engagement with Christianity as a vital component of occidental culture. This qualification can be an important advantage in many professional fields.