The Germania Sacra Clerics Database

The Germania Sacra Clerics Database provides data about members of diverse religious communities of the Church of the Holy Roman Empire. The information is derived from file cards, have been labeled by authors of the Germania Sacra during their research work. The oldest file cards can be dated back to 1917, the year of the initiation of the long-term project Germania Sacra.

Primarily, the database contains information concerning religious institutions, which have not been published in reference books yet. The file cards belonging to the archdiocese Cologne and its suffragan dioceses have been archived into the database, if provided in Göttingen. Filecards concerning Münster are not included due to W. Kohl's publications. In addition, parts of the diocese of Würzburg, two boxes of file cards concerning the archdiocese Mainz (unfortunately they contain sparse information about clerics), and parts of the archdiocese Trier were included in the database.

The data sets contain names of the members of religious communities, their position, documented dates concerning the religious person and the institutions. Further information recorded on the file cards can not be found in the database. However, this information is not lost as the file cards were scanned and are available as image files.