DFG research group:


Research topics and current research projects:

  • Law on religion between the advancement of religion (religious communites) in its social diversity and the demands on effective hazard prevention.
  • „Law on religion as multi-level law“. Analysis of the interlocking of European Union law, ECHR and selected legal systems of the member states as well as of the transformation impact by the European Union law in the different systems on state-church-relations.
  • Democracy and Protestantism 1949-1989 (research group: Protestantism in ethical discourses of the Federal Republic of Germany).
  • Constitutionalization and Constitution in debates on transnational, international and supranational legal systems.
  • Lichtenberg-Kolleg - The Göttingen Institute of Advanced Study
  • Publications

Doctoral thesis:

If you are interested in obtaining a doctorate at the faculty under the supervision of Prof. Heinig, please read the doctoral degree regulations and examine the indicated requirements.

Doctoral projects on topics in the areas of constitutional law, religion and church law, cultural law and social law are supervised by the chair holder.

Current thesis on the following topics:

  • Board models with regard to the establishment of Islamic theology at state universities and Islamic religious education
  • Religious education in Russia
  • Legal term and legal requirements in Protestant ecclesiastical law
  • The commitment of the German Constitutional Law to international law
  • Legal disobedience in legal debates of western Germany (1949-1989)
  • Organizational power of public law religious communities
  • Social security for soldiers abroad

Completed thesis on the following topics:

  • Religious membership law
  • Religious law under Marxist-Leninism
  • Religious minimum subsistence level in asylum and aliens law
  • Freedom of association and its institutional conditions
  • Unconditional basic income