Research topics and projects:

  • State church law between the promotion of religion(s) in their social diversity and the requirements of effective danger prevention (Heinig/Munsonius/Unruh/Schwab/von der Burg).
  • "Religious law as multi-level law". Analysis of the interlocking of Union law, ECHR and selected legal systems of the Member States as well as the transformation effects emanating from European law in the different systems of state-church law (Heinig/Munsonius/Gerjets).
  • Representation crises - in the mirror of constitutional, higher education and Protestant church law (Heinig).
  • History and academic history of religious law in Germany from the end of the German Empire to the beginnings of the Bonn Republic (Heinig/Basse).
  • Legal Issues of Social Security (Heinig/Wurzel).
  • "Constitutionalisation" and "constitution" in the debates on transnational, international and supranational legal orders (Heinig/Schwab).
  • Commentaries on Art. 4 GG (Heinig, in: von Mangold) and Art. 140 GG (Heinig in: BK, Unruh in: von Mangold).
  • The office in constitutional theoretical terms (Munsonius).
  • Commentary on §§ 19 - 23 DSG.EKD (Gerjets).
  • Pathos formulas in church law (Munsonius).
  • Contextualisation of legal figures of administrative procedural law (Schwab).
  • Democracy theory and regulatory law (Schwab).


Currently, dissertation projects on the following topics are under the initial supervision of Professor Heinig:

- Questions of principle of a historical interpretation

- Social security for soldiers on deployment abroad

- Basic social security

- European Law and German Religious Law

- Ecclesiastical labour jurisdiction

- Individualistic and collectivistic aspects of human dignity

- The separation of church and state in 1918 and its prehistory

- Reform of church tax law

If you are interested in doing a doctorate at the faculty under the supervision of Professor Heinig, please read the doctoral regulations and check the requirements stated there.

Thematically, the chair supervises doctoral projects in the areas of constitutional law, religious and ecclesiastical law, cultural law and social law.

Theses on the following topics have been completed:

- Religious Membership Law

- Religious law in Marxism-Leninism

- Religious subsistence minimum in asylum and aliens law

- Freedom of association and its institutional prerequisites

- Unconditional basic income

- Organisational Power of Religious Communities under Public Law

- Friendliness of the Basic Law to International Law

- Legal concept and legal requirements in evangelical church law

- Advisory board models in the establishment of Islamic theology at state universities and Islamic religious instruction

- Legal disobedience in West German legal debates (1949-1989)

- Models of jurisprudence in legal education

- Church Asylum

At other faculties were co-supervised:

- Die evangelische Diakonie und der Subsidiaritätsgedanke in der Sozialgesetzgebung der Bonner Republik (Philosophische Fakultät Universität Erfurt)

- Menschenwürdedebatten nach 1945 (Theologische Fakultät Universität Göttingen)

- Kirchenrecht und Ehe (Theologische Fakultät Universität Göttingen)

- Staatsvorstellungen in der evangelischen Ethik der 1950er und 1960er Jahre (Theologische Fakultät Universität Göttingen)