Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding

Full Professor (W3)
Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding
Georg-August-University Göttingen
Büsgenweg 2
D-37077 Göttingen
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Personal Data, Career Path
1962 born in Minden, Germany
1983-1988 Studies of Forestry of the Temperate Region and Tropical Forestry, Göttingen University, Germany
1988-1989 Visiting Research Fellow, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
1990-1993 PhD student, Göttingen University
1993 PhD (Dr. forest) in Forest Genetics, Göttingen University
1994-1996 Tree Improvement Expert, FAO, Los Baños, Philippines
1996-1997 Scholarship Holder (DFG) in in Bangkok, Umeå, Göttingen
1997-2001 Senior Scientist, Forest Genetics; WSL Switzerland
2001 Habilitation (post-lecturer qualification) in Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding
since 2001 Full professor (C4; W3 since 2011) in Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding,
Göttingen University
since 2006-2008 Dean, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, Göttingen University
2011 Offer of a Professorhip (Chair) for Plant Biology, UCC Cork, Ireland (declined)
2012-2013 Director, Section for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry (SeTSAF) of the Center for Sustainable Land Use (CBL)
Since 4/2013: Vice President, Georg-August-University Göttingen (

Research Interests
• Population Genetics and Ecological Genetics of Forest Trees
• Molecular Genetics of Plants
• Evolutionary Genetics of Tropical Forest Trees
• Breeding of Temperate and Tropical Forest Trees
• Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources in Tropical and Temperate Forests
• Human Impact on Forest Genetic Resources
• Genetic responses of plant populations to global change
• Genetics in Silviculture

Selected Ongoing or Recently Completed Research Projects
• Genetic Variation of Shorea in Indonesia (DFG/BMZ)
• The Reproduction System of Norway Spruce (DFG)
• Genetic Processes in Scots Pine in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (DFG)
• Genetic Variation of Beech in Biodiversity Exploratories (DFG)
• Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources in SE-Asia (EU)
• Evolution of Trees as Drivers of Terrestrial Biodiversity (EVOLTREE; EU)
• Nuclear diversity of genes involved in the adaptation of trees to changing environmental conditions (DIGENFOR) (BMBF; GABI)
• Molecular markers to identify the origin of wood from tropical trees (BMELV)
• Links between species diversity and intraspecific diversity in tropical and temperate forest ecosystems (State Lower Saxony)
• Biodiversity exploratories – Beechadapt
• SUSTAINPINE: Genomic tools in maritime PINE for enhanced biomass production and SUSTAINable forest management
• Plant genetic diversity in tropical transformation systems (project B03 in CRC 990) and DNA barcoding of plants on Sumatra

Lectures in forest genetics (with focus on population genetics of forest trees), tree improvement, genetics of tropical forest ecosystems