A sustainable supply of agriculture and forestry products is of essential importance in the current context of the European Agricultural reform, the increasing amounts of land required for the production of renewable resources (e.g. Biogas, Bioethanol) and the rising demand for plant-based products for chemical resources.

The PhD programme “Molecular Sciences and Biotechnology of Crops and Trees” aims to provide students with well-founded training in the area of Molecular Plant Sciences. The research projects focus on a wide scope of topics, including new methods for wood and agricultural crop production, innovative processes for the investigation of new plant characteristics and the development of new products on the basis of sustainably produced plants. This is supported by close ties to regional companies active in these areas.

The interdisciplinary programme is open to PhD candidates in the area of life sciences (e.g. agricultural science, biochemistry, biology, forestry science or related areas).


The PhD programme "Molecular Sciences and Biotechnology in Crop Production" is funded by: