The Institute for Computer Science (IFI) in Göttingen was founded in November 2002. It is an institute of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The mission of the Institute of Computer Science is research and teaching in core computer science. In doing so, the Institute contributes significantly to the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Computer Science and Data Science, especially in Core Computer Science (Practical, Theoretical, and Technical Computer Science). The focus in research and teaching is on theoretical, applied and practical computer science. The area of communication systems has a special weight: Several professorships and their working groups are active in this area. Different aspects are emphasized, such as software engineering for communication systems, Internet technology, service engineering, multimedia and database aspects. In cooperation with the Institute of Information Systems, the economic aspects of communication systems are investigated in a joint research project on Internet economics. Furthermore, there are joint research projects with the two departments of Bioinformatics of the University Medical School and the Faculty of Biology and Psychology as well as with other applied computer science departments.

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