Studienvoraussetzungen / Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for the Master of Arts in American Studies

Students interested in this M.A. program need to fulfill the following requirements:

You need a B.A. degree in a related subject consisting of 180 ECTS (your records have to show 150 ECTS at the date of application, final transcripts may be handed in later).

At least 50 of these ECTs have to be from one of the following fields:

  • American Studies/American Literature
  • English/English Philology (including at least 14 credits in American literary and cultural history OR American literary and cultural theory)
  • General Literatures/Comparative Literatures OR Social Science OR History (including at least 14 credits from courses pertaining to the study of North America)

You grade point average needs to be higher than 2.5 (on the German scale) to qualify for admission. If your mark is between 2.6 and 3.0 you can apply nevertheless and have to pass an additional oral examination.

Unless English is your native language you have to present proof of your level of proficiency. Accepted certificates are:

  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English ("pass")
  • IELTS-Test (at least level “Band 7”)
  • TOEFL-Test with at least 587 points / 240 points respectively
  • UNICert level III
  • or another proof of proficiency at C1 level according to the CEF (Common European Framework).

You are exempt from this requirement if you have successfully finished a B.A. program taught in the English language.

Aside from a certificate of English language proficiency, applicants who are not native speakers of German need to provide a DSH-1 or a Test-DaF level 3 certificate. These regulations apply only if you combine American Studies with English Philology.

For all M.A. programs that are taught in German, applicants need to have DSH-2 or Test-DaF level 4.

These proofs have to be presented at the latest on 15 November if you begin your studies in the winter term and 15. May if you begin in the summer term.

Admission requirements for the set of modules (minor subject) Master of Arts in American Studies (36 Credits)

To be admitted to the set of modules (minor subject) American Studies, applicants need to fulfill the same requirements as for the full M.A. program (see above).