Advanced module "Cellular neurobiology" (12 C, 20 SWS) [M.Bio.314]

Learning outcome, core skills
Advanced knowledge in planing and execution of scientific experiments n the area of cellular and general neurobiology.
Accurate and detailed documentation of the experimental design and performance of the experiments as well as the obtained results. Evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the applied methods. Research and consideration of the basics (text book knowledge) and already published original papers in the specific field of research. Discussion of the obtained results.

Courses and examinations

  • Methods course, 7 weeks
  • Attend seminar of the department

  • Prerequisites for examination:
  • regular attendance of min. 75% of seminars of the department
  • protocol

  • Examinations: 30 min oral examination

    Selection options

    Admission requirements
    Core module M.Bio.304 "Neurobiology 1" or
    Core module M.Bio.305 "Neurobiology 2"

    Number of repeat examinations permitted

    Module applicable in the following degree programmes
    MA Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology

    Course frequency: Academic Term
    winter-semester and summer-semester

    One or two semester

    English or German
    Literature: English

    Maximum number of students

    Workload: 360 h (280/80 h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

    Person responsible for module
    Prof. Dr. Martin Göpfert