Application and admission for MSc program Molecular Life Sciences: Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Admission qualification

The first step is the assessment of the applicants admission qualification, which is achieved by a Bachelor's degree in Biology or a closely related field and proofs of proficiency in English of level C1 and German of level B1.

Selection procedure for applicants from a European country

If more applicants apply for the program than university places are available a selection procedure is performed. For this procedure the applicants are ranked by the points achieved for the Bachelor grade and the preferential skills for the program. Admission is processed in two stages: 70% of the university places are filled by the best applicants according to the ranking list. The next best applicants are invited for on Interview. From this group 30% of the places are filled.

Special Qualification
Only applicants providing a »special qualification« for the program are admitted. The special qualification is determined by means of a scoring system.
a) Bachelor grade (max. 51 points)
b) preferential skills for the program (max. 39 points)