Application process

Can the online application be edited afterwards?
Yes, an online application that has already been submitted can be processed retrospectively until the end of the application deadline on 30 September at 23:59h.

To make an edit, the online application portal must be called up again.
On the first page of the application portal, the following text will now be displayed under the Deutschlandstipendium button:

"You have already submitted this application. You can edit it, withdraw it, and print out the cover sheet again until the application deadline on September 30, 2024 23:59h."

Next to the Deutschlandstipendium button, three other buttons with Icons are displayed:

1. button with Icon pencil - edit application i.e. edit
2. button with Icon red x - withdraw application
3. button with Icon paper - create cover sheet again

By clicking on the appropriate button, the corresponding option can be executed.

What should be considered when processing the online application afterwards?
After the online application has been edited, i.e. subsequently processed, a new cover sheet is generated after the data has been resubmitted.
The new cover sheet does not have to be submitted again, but should be kept with the applicant.
However, the proof(s) belonging to the editing must also be uploaded via the upload portal by the end of the application deadline 30.09.2024 23:59h!

Until when can an application be processed retrospectively?
The processing can be done until the end of the application period 30.09. 2024 23:59h.
However, it must be ensured that the proof belonging to the processing is also uploaded via the upload portal by the end of the application period 30.09. 2024 23:59h.
If this is not the case, the changes cannot be considered.

Do the applications for the Germany and Lower Saxony scholarships have to be processed separately afterwards?
Yes, both the online application for the Germany Scholarship and the Lower Saxony Scholarship must be processed subsequently, as the information and changes are not transferred from one application to the other.
However, proofs must again only be uploaded once!